dbAvail services & features

dbAvail services & features

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dbAvail is a complete solution. It includes consulting & planning, data transfer and standardization, setup of dashboards, training, hosting and (optional) security training.

dbAvail meets the highest quality standards. For security reasons, it is run on company-owned, specially secured servers. 

dbAvail Modules

dbAvail Base
For a basic application with up to three coordinated workspaces, an one-time investment of € 16,000 to € 20,000 (including consulting, data transfer and training) and ongoing costs of € 100 per month for data hosting should be expected.

dbAvail Extended
The further development to an individual extension level is modular and based on a consultation – designed and calculated.

dbAvail Explore
We also design exclusive solutions with corresponding expenditure.

dbAvail Shared
dbAvail can be shared by several partners due to the highly developed right management system. The whole system might be shared, or only a certain data pool.

dbAvail server configurations

dbAvail Singleport
For large data volumes, intensive use or multiple application areas, we recommend a single port solution. 

dbAvail Multiport
The dbAvail Multiport solutions makes sure several individual customer applications can be hosted on one server. This way, the basic costs can be shared, which significantly reduces the costs of dbAvail.

dbAvail Shared Systems
Applications can also be shared to further reduce costs. Functionalities & workspaces can be configurated for each partner. 

dbAvail Shared Data
Multiple partners share the same dbAvail application and also share data in a common overlapping data pool. The usage and editing rights are regulated according to the origin principle and can be configured flexibly.



  • Complete solution
  • Implementation
  • Data management
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Hosting
  • Security



  • dbAvail Base
  • dbAvail Extended
  • dbAvail Explore
  • dbAvail Shared


Server configuration

  • dbAvail Singleport
  • dbAvail Multiport
  • dbAvail Shared Systems
  • dbAvail Shared Data