Multifunctional usability

Multifunctional usability

for SMEs

dbAvail provides a multifunctional usability due to its high flexibility. The mofe diverse the system is used in a company, the greater synergies can be provided.

The core competence of dbAvail is the administration and use of contact information.

Within dbAvail, complexe dashboards can be built and easily coordinated. There are no limitations to the administration and use of data. Typical applications are CRM-Systems, as well as member-, customer- and resource management. Even ordering and invoice processing can be integrated in dbAvail, as well as complexe document- and PDF workflows. 

Web-interfaces can be handled via cross-domain access. Registration process and self-administration of data can be offered online to reduce the effort required to update and recreate data. 

Even online publication of data is possible, including search mechanisms if needed.

dbAvail stands for


  • Management of contact data
  • Use of contact data
  • Export of data & media
  • Easy to use dashboards
  • Mapping of processes and complex data 
  • Management of external content
  • Self-management of data by customers