Easy to use

Easy to use

for SMEs

Many years of experience in building web applications and complexe data management systems helped with building a system, which is super easy to use and provides great usability.
The system is designed for back-office-users (secretariat, customer services, …), is straight forward and can handle all relevant workflows. Your employees don´t need a special knowledge or a lenghty training.

The work processes are standardized, coherently structured and well designed. An internal information system facilitates work by providing “instant information”.

The rights for each user can be individually defined. Important functions can be highlighted, non-relevant or sensitive information can be restricted. It is possible to design customized work environment for each user, making handling much clearer and easier.

dbAvail is


dbAvail provides all functions to meet the requirements of SMEs.

The system simplifies work and increases efficiency without the need to build up additional technical or human resources.

There is no need to install any additional software. dbAvail is built web-based!