Safe handling

Safe handling

for SMEs

dbAvail’s servers are equipped with a security-watch system and are administered and monitored by administrators. All data transfer is coded and encrypted. dbAvail is equipped with a security update system that allow updates to be applied during live operation with only minor restrictions. This allows us to react quickly to a wide variety of situations and act swiftly.

Protection against error
dbAvail allows data versions to be stored in data records. Data is deleted only in the course of version cleanup. This makes sure different versions of your data can be accessed and edited. 

Data loss protection
The servers and the data are protected in several ways. Depending on the service package, additional measures can be implemented.

Protection against misuse
Contact information are worth a lot of money and are a primary target of hackers. Aware of this fact, we have taken considerable precautions to protect the projects and your data, based on our experience. Only very few technical details are published. Locations of servers, backup copies and other important information are known only to our customers.

Even though our software is well protected, we do not guarantee for possible careless handling of access information by users or for other existing security deficiencies. We therefore recommend training by data security specialists if required.


Safety precautions

  • Continous monitoring
  • Encrypted data transfer
  • Online update system
  • Error protection
  • Data loss protection
  • Misuse and theft protection