About dbAvail

About dbAvail

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dbAvail is a flexible online data management solution that supports your communication tasks and the organization of your data.

dbAvail is an online data management system to store and organize contact data. The system offers a wide range of applications: simple address management, as well as the integration of complex CRM solution, customer & member management. In dbAvail even complex workflows can be mapped easily.

dbAvail is customized based on your needs. No need to adapt your processes to a software. We match your requirements and administrative areas. A step-by-step expansion of the system is possible as well as subsequent extensions.

The basic principle according to which the data is organized is simple and extremely efficient. All work and administrative areas are organized in dbAvail based on contact information. This principle minimizes the effort required for data maintenance. Updates in each work area are accessible throughout the system.

In addition to the standard tools available, complex workflows and entire business processes can be mapped in customized solutions for the individual requirements of industries and business ideas.

What benefits does dbAvail bring?

  • Reduction of running costs in the administration of your contact data and the handling of your communication measures
  • Increase of capacities
  • Improvement of data quality
  • Increase in availability
  • Multiple use of data
  • Increasing the target accuracy of communicative measures
  • Cost reduction in mass communication
  • Expansion of communication channels

Is dbAvail an option?

The dbAvail application is multi-layered and can best be illustrated with examples. The core competence of dbAvail is the management and use of contact information for various communication tasks.

The savings effects through dbAvail are highly variable for the individual customer, depending on the diversity of use and the amount of data. In general, our customers see the need very clearly as they face increasing costs, quality issues or technical limitations, and there are many arguments in favor of investing in a viable solution. Threshold values for parameters such as number and complexity of data records, number of employees, work areas, locations, etc. and the associated savings potential can therefore only be determined to a limited extent. Based on our calculation examples calculation examples, we offer full investments transparency.

Manage data in a coordinated way
Apply data in a versatile way

Functionality and application

Manage contact data

  • Data import
  • Data integration (reimport)
  • Data update
  • Data cleansing and duplicate matching
  • Coordinated workspaces
  • Online self-management

Use data

  • Data filtering
  • Data research
  • Information system
  • Individual data export
  • Export of mass data
  • Media optimized export of mass data


  • Establishment of coordinated management areas
  • Workflow mapping
  • Handling of Webpages
  • Handling of online administration areas
  • Cross-domain access management

Shared used of data

  • Data sharing
  • Systemsharing


  • Individual configuration and storage of the system and the workspaces
  • Multilingual configuration
  • Cross-linked processing of data
  • Linear processing of data (lists)
  • Highly developed user management system
  • Accurate work history
  • Online update system
  • and much more