Manage data

Manage data

data easily

Within dbAvail, complex administration areas can be built and easily coordinated. The application of dbAvail is not limited to the management and use of contact information. Use cases are CRMs, membership, customer and resource management, as well as order management and invoice processing. Even complex document or PDF workflows, as well as entire business processes are application possibilities.

In addition, online content and administration areas not part of the system can be managed via cross-domain access or password management.

Another relevant applications are interfaces for registration and self-administration of data. These functions can significantly reduce the effort required to update and recreate data to increase data quality. Additionally dbavail provides you with the possiblity of online publications.

dbAvail offers

Data management

  • Establishment of dashboards
  • Workflow mapping
  • Visualisation of business processes
  • Management of webpages
  • Management of online dashboards
  • Cross-domain access management