Customized dashboards

Customized dashboards

for SMEs

dbAvail is customized to your needs.
SMEs need to focus on communication tasks – dbAvail makes it possible to react very flexible with transfer & import of data.

Specific dashboards can easily be created in dbAva<il: address management, member & customer administration, resource & appointment management, CRM solution management, order processing, billing systems …

The communication requirements and data are different in every industry. dbAvail makes it possible to successfully pursue and optimize your own communication strategies and information habits. 

Due to the individual structure of the work areas, the synergy potential is fully exploited.

We develop customized solutions for our customers. To provide you with the perfect solution, we use our experience from already developed and implemented solutions.



  • Using the whole potential
  • Wide range of application possiblities
  • Step-by-step implementation & expansion
  • Shared use